What we do

Web Development

We love to build cool things, E-commerce stores, data-driven sites, single page apps…etc The web offers endless possibilities and opportunities.

Web Design

Clean, aesthetic design goes without saying here at Cherry Ink. After we get to know a bit about your vision or ambitions, we get right to work on creating a site that conveys the spirit of your enterprise.

Web Hosting

We’ll take care of the technical stuff. Together with our hosting partner we are able to offer a full concept-to-launch service.

F-Studio Weight loss
F-Studio Weight Loss Centre
Cherry Ink Digital Stuart Taylor
Stuart Taylor
Cherry Ink Digital Lee-Ann van Rooi
Lee-Ann van Rooi
Value Feeds
Cape Town Tango Community
Cape Town Tango Community
Cherry Ink Digital Evolution Dance Company
Evolution Dance Company
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Ladies Solo Dance
Cherry Ink Digital El Cacha Tango Company
El Cacha Tango Company

Meet the Team

Nur, Cherona and Carl are the tech-loving team who make up Cherry Ink Digital.
What started out as a mission to help close friends and family grow their businesses,
has become an endeavour to assist small businesses reach their online goals.
We take pride in our work and invest ourselves in our clients.

Web Developer Nur Dreyer


Nur has an extensive background in 3D animation and motion graphics having spent many years working on animated feature films, television commercials and theatre visuals. He leads the motion graphics and web animation department of Cherry Ink and also specialising in WordPress development while contemplating the meaning of life.


Cherona is our logophilic techie whose diverse background includes web design, proofreading, production management and dance. When not furthering her skills and saving animals, Cherona takes care of our clients, content and administration.

Carl Ingerisch Web Developer


Carl is our jovial lead developer and has over a decade of experience in web development. He is our go-to guy for coding solutions and takes care of all our clients’ back-end development tasks. Basically, he is our Neo in the Matrix, only he smiles a lot more.

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